The classic Christmas treat again on everyone’s lips

The Juhlapöydän Konvehti assorted box of chocolates celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2017. We wanted to celebrate these treats by bringing back memories and creating new ones.

We brought the memories back by launching a TV video advertisement for the anniversary. After all, these traditional boxes of chocolates have been part of Finnish Christmas celebrations for generations. We also carried out a consumer survey on current chocolaty themes. The survey offered some hard facts about issues that we are all pondering: Is it allowed to take chocolates from the lower layer of the box even though there are chocolates left in the upper layer? Which chocolates are eaten first? Does someone really like the pineapple chocolates? The humorous news item created from these bits of information stayed on everyone’s lips during Christmas, as did the chocolates.


We carried out the consumer survey again in 2018. This time the themes were the technology used by the Christmas elves as well as methods for savoring the chocolates.


Our cooperation was excellent. Everything went smoothly and as agreed starting from the first ideas all the way to the implementation. Villivisio came up with new and funny ways of engaging this well-known (and old) subject. We received wide and deserved media exposure.

Vesa Vainio, Marketing Manager, Panda

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